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Here you will find material on everything from the uncharacteristic behaviours of an adolescent suffering from anxiety, to understanding the bully and the signs to look out for if your chid is experiencing harassment, both mentally and physically, inside and outside of the school gates.

Spotting and managing stress

Many carers are unsure about when a child’s behaviour is something to worry about, or whether it is fairly typical behaviour for children of that age. It’s sometimes hard to know whether to be concerned when a usually talkative 8 year old becomes withdrawn and pre-occupied, when an 11 year old feels sick every school morning or when an adolescent suddenly begins to refuse to leave their room. It can often appear like a minefield, trying to find out whether a child’s behaviour is expressing real worry or unhappiness, and if so, to understand what is behind it.  Here you will find advice on spotting an anxious child

Tests and exams can be a challenging part of school life, for young people and their carers alike. More details on how to help ease the stress can be found here

Reward vs Punishment

As a carer are we ever really happy with the decisions we make for our children’s development?  Whether to reward good behaviour or punish unacceptable actions?  It certainly is a regular issue faced by carers across the world so, which is more effective — the carrot or the stick?  Check out a paper published by Washing University here

Teachers are also faced with the same dilemma, so how is it perceived in the world of education?  We found an article written by an Education Consultant at TutorsPlus, the contents of which were an interesting read : Reward and Punishment in Education


Understanding The Bully

Understanding how and why a bully uses aggressive behaviour is key to knowing how to handle the situation.  The ‘Stomp Out Bullying : End the Hate, Change the Culture’ organisation stand up against hate, racism and all forms of discrimination and continuously work hard to change a future culture with inclusion, equality and unity.

Their website offers a place of support, through both materials available to download and a Help Chat LineYou can find information on a number of topics including Bullying and Cyberbullying, an Educators and Parents Page, which includes tip sheets on Bullying Prevention, Signs your child Is being bullied, How to understand and handle Cyberbullying, along with Signs your child Is a cyberbully victim and Signs your child may be a Bully.  There is an important focus on What to do if you suspect a child or teen is Suicidal, What to do if your child is being bullied and What we know about bullying.  Find help on What You Can Do, with a wealth of Resources to help you through, by visiting the STOMP Out Bullying™ website today.

A key message here is that as a carer you are a role model and there is no one better to teach empathy, whilst also applying a level of discipline BUT above all showing a child love and security is vital for creating a balanced state of mind that will be carried through to their adult years.

The bottom line is that bullies are insecure and use abusive behaviour to feel empowered and secure. Getting to the root of their behaviour and modifying through counselling is a suggested way forward so talk to your school about help for the bully, not just the victim.

It’s a story hard to digest but you can read just how harmful words can be in Megan’s Story, on the Megan Meier Foundation page.

Mental Wellbeing at School

The Young Minds #HelloYellow campaign is an initiative for raising money to help children who need help with their well-being, starting with the challenge of setting up support hubs across the country to provide young people with somewhere to go when they first start to struggle with their mental health.  Their website includes links to a host of ideas on how to organise a #HelloYellow day at school.  For further details follow  #HelloYellow | YoungMinds


Reading Well for young people is brought to you by The Reading Agency and recommends expert endorsed books about mental health, providing 13 to 18 year olds with advice and information about issues like anxiety, stress and OCD, along with difficult experiences like bullying and exams.  For more information click here or to browse the book lists or download a full overview of the titles click here.

 The books have all been recommended by young people and health professionals, and are available to borrow for free from public libraries.  Selected titles are also available to borrow as e-books and audiobooks. Visit your local library website to find out how to join the library and access books electronically.






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