Within resources you’ll discover a wealth of materials for mental wellbeing, from tips for spotting and dealing with stress and anxiety to which foods help maintain a balanced mind-set.  There are many interesting and proven self-help guides, from home schooling to published papers giving statistical evidence on the mental and physical aspects of navigating your child through their most vulnerable years.


There are no links to social media platforms, which can attract negativity, as we strive to create a safe and healthy forum to discuss ideas and topics with likeminded people choosing to share experiences.


This section gives an overview and links to self-help guides, from published scientific papers giving statistical evidence, to advice on how you can help children through their early years to adolescence and into young adults.  There are also examples of how you can help your child develop a contented disposition, along with ideas suggested by psychologist across the world.



Within this section we cover a different subject matter every week, whether taken from the likes of the world’s media or through the requests of our bloggers

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 Here you will find material on everything from the uncharacteristic behaviours of a child suffering with anxiety around exam time to understanding the bully and the signs to look out for, both inside and outside the school gates.








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This page holds an A-Z of links to helpful resources, for all things child related, from anxiety to bereavement support.  Of course, this is in no way exhaustive and additions are welcomed, please email admin@hands2gether.co.uk

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